Fine and Dandy with Dan and Andy

About The Show

Hi!  We’re Andy Haynes and Daniel Carroll!  Long time friends, short time roommates, comics, writers, and sober gentlemen.


We were both born into the privileged class, straight-white-cis-male-american, and we’ve spent the better part of our adult lives immersed in the world of stand-up comedy.  An industry practically overflowing with segregation and every form of shaming you can name.   As aforementioned white guys, we’ve spent a lot of time wondering what our part is in all of this.  I mean, the obvious problem in most modern issues of progress is white men, right?  But not the two of us!  We weren’t doing anything wrong.  We weren’t doing anything to encourage all the bad in the world.

But how much were we actually doing right?  How often did we see something and look the other way?  How often did we actually stand up and discourage bad behavior?  How often did we use our voices, our power, or our privilege for good?  Shit.  We might be part of the problem.

So here we are, spring of 2017, living in the same city again — in the same apartment!  Daniel has been podcasting for a while now and Andy has an idea… why don’t we talk about this shit?  Why don’t we figure out how to be a change for good?  How to be better people?  And instead of just doing what we (as two white dudes) think we should do, why don’t we bring people on who actually live these issues and learn from them?

So that’s what we’re doing.  This is Fine and Dandy with Dan and Andy.  We’re going to cover as much as we can, and if there’s anything you’d like to hear please reach out via our contact page!