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Episode 27 | Leah Mendelson

Leah Mendelson is an OM (Orgasmic Meditation) Instructor and joins us to talk about all things orgasm!  We talk a little about the organization she works for, OneTaste, and then get into belief systems, super secret sex menus, masculine vs feminine orgasms, the sex we want vs the sex that’s available, leading with feelings, hide-chasing, shutting down desires, sex toys, and of course nerve endings!

It’s a really fun episode!!  For more info, check out OneTaste and watch their TEDx Talk!  And if you live in LA, check out the coaching program event!

Also, as promised, “The Kid’s Scrambled Eggs” recipe:

  1. First thing you need is a double boiler. No direct heat on these goddamn eggs.
  2. Get some butter and melt it in the pot.
  3. Break a few eggs in a separate bowl and whip them up real good. Like, really really good!
  4. Add the egg batter to the melted butter and stir very slowly with a rubber spatula.
  5. Continue stirring on low heat until the eggs have reached a consistency that is almost like a spread.
  6. Add salt to taste.
  7. Add a few other goddamn adornments if you wish. Peppers, cheese, what haveya.
  8. These eggs will work as a spread that you can put on toast but they will still be thick enough so they won’t fall through your fork.

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Episode 26 | Gurutej

We’re joined this week by Gurutej, who is a Kundalini Yoga Master!  She talks with us about all adding months to the calendar, feeling our feelings, validation, ego, superconscious, dragonbreath, turbans and brain plates, chakras, the importance of names, veganism, rollerblades, the 40 day theory, and probably the most important: dairy!

Go to her website and check out the Flip Charts and try some of the exercises in her book The 13th Month!!

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Episode 25 | Katie Willert

Katie Willert joins us this week to talk about working the red carpet at E! and about working for tracksuit bros who make stun gun gloves on the clock.  Turns out there’s a big difference.  We also get into relationships, honesty, setting boundaries, lying, SNEAK DATES, and self care.  AND we figure out what women want at work…

Follow Katie on Twitter!!

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Episode 24 | Eric Watts

This week we sit down with Eric Watts, a rising star in the Los Angeles wrestling scene.  We get into the business behind the business, like unionizing and getting paid? but we also talk about the human side, like where Eric finds the anger that he sometimes needs to get in the zone and the big themes of fear, racism, sexism, and homophobia that still cover the surface of the sport.  

We had a blast making this one and hope to see you at Bar Wrestling next month.  Follow Eric on Twitter and Instagram!

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Episode 22 | Carlos Santos

Our guest this week is Carlos Santos.  He’s an actor, comedian, and improvisor originally from Puerto Rico, currently living in Los Angeles.  We talk about translating comedy, typecasting, his time at MTV, going broke to pursue your passion, doing accents for work, and US relations with Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.  

Carlos will be at UCB Sunset on March 2nd for Spanglish Aqui Presents and will be doing full on Spanish improv shows at Floridita.  Check their calendar here for dates!