Fine and Dandy with Dan and Andy

Episode 3 | Casey Ley

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Our guest this week is writer, comedian, wonderful human, Casey Ley.  We talk about growing up gay, coming out of the closet, the random things our mothers hold on to, being HIV positive, and being OPEN about being HIV positive.  We also get into drugs, college, masculinity, shame, suicide, fear, apps, relationships, pros and cons of gay marriage, and pretty much everything else.

This episode gets a little heavy, but Casey is absolutely awesome and there are some great laughs.

Check out Casey on Twitter and tune in to his Podcast!

Author: fineanddandypod

Just a couple of dudes trying to be better.

One thought on “Episode 3 | Casey Ley

  1. This was awesome. Coming from a recently out “bro,” this answered a ton of shit. And the relate-ability (to all three of you) is off the charts.

    My closest friends are still straight white males. You guys are the worst, but also the best. Thanks for doing this.


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