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About The Show

Hi!  We’re Andy Gold and Daniel Carroll… and this is Fine and Dandy with Dan and Andy.  A weekly podcast addressing issues of class, privilege, and progress, hosted by two of the whitest guys around.

Every week we interview guests about race, sex, sexuality, differing mental and physical abilities, gender, and everything else under the umbrella of “what makes people different.”  The goal is to listen and learn without argument or presupposition.  That said, we are also idiots and comedians and will get things wrong and make bad jokes.

Episode 26 | Gurutej

gurutej 2

We’re joined this week by Gurutej, who is a Kundalini Yoga Master!  She talks with us about all adding months to the calendar, feeling our feelings, validation, ego, superconscious, dragonbreath, turbans and brain plates, chakras, the importance of names, veganism, rollerblades, the 40 day theory, and probably the most important: dairy!

Go to her website and check out the Flip Charts and try some of the exercises in her book The 13th Month!!